8 Perfect Summer Dinners For Any Occasion

Schools out for the summer! That means it’s time for some fun in the sun, and what better way to share some quality time than over a quick and easy summer meal delivered right to your door? And what are the best dinners for any summer occasion? Check out this list and then order your favorites.


Wing Night

Who doesn’t love a good Buffalo wing? Or maybe you’re a Garlic Parmesan fan? Either way, wings are an easy, handheld option that fits almost any outing and can be eaten anywhere. Don’t forget the ranch and celery!



Summer Salads

As the temp creeps up, there’s nothing quite like a salad with fresh grilled chicken or fish and a crisp dressing to satisfy your hunger but keep you refreshed in the summer sun. Try a salad with something seasonal and fresh from the garden!



Hamburgers & French Fries

Need I say more? The iconic summer duo is back in full force, encouraging backyard bonanzas and block party shenanigans. And you won’t have to slave over your neighbor’s shitty grill to get the best burgers in town!



Grilled Meat & Vegetables

Looking to have a nice dinner on the perfect summer night? Why not indulge your desires and go for that perfectly grilled steak or chicken breast, accompanied by freshly picked peppers and mushrooms. Or, switch it up and try complementing your meat seasonings with summer fruits like watermelons and cherries.


Fresh Fish Fry

Did someone say Fish Fry? Whether they’re blackened, fried or grilled to perfection, summertime screams freshly caught fish served up in the setting sun. Order up some of the best catches around and enjoy a meal from the lake or sea, wherever you may be.



BBQ Pulled Pork

Fresh out of the smoker and tender enough to fall off your fork, the bar-be-cue culture of summertime would not be complete without savory sauces and delectable cuts of pork. Satisfy the craving for authentic pulled pork deliciousness and plan your next BBQ dinner now.




Nacho Night

What kind of cheese ain’t yo cheese? NACHO CHEESE! Nachos are the easy-peasy, summertime-cheesy way to take tacos anywhere! Plus, if the chips and cheesy goodness sticks together, it only counts as one nacho, so you may want to order more.



Handheld Happiness

What fits in your hand, tastes amazing and is the perfect companion for a picnic? You guessed it, a wrap, sandwich or quesadilla is the perfect option for any hike, picnic, party or lazy night on the patio. Don’t spend the day chopping meats, cheeses and veggies, pick your favorite restaurant and let them bring the best handhelds right to you! 


No prep, no cooking, no grocery shopping; Summer should be spent relaxing while Mr. Delivery brings the best restaurants right to your patio, pool deck or outdoor event. This summer, order from Mr. Delivery and enjoy your meals without the hassle. Order now!



P.S. Does the summer have you Dazed & Confused? School’s out!

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