Are you a Lucky Leprechaun? Find out how Mr. Delivery makes St. Pat’s even greener!

St. Patrick’s day always reminds me of family, food and traditions. The kinds of reminders that bring to mind vivid smells and warm feelings of heritage and love. Plus, St. Patrick’s day always meant a few coins from the Pot o’ Gold, and Mr. Delivery is continuing this trend with our St. Patrick’s Day giveaway!


Now, my family is the type of family to really go to great lengths to instill some cultural family traditions into our modern lives. I grew up with corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and this hilarious dessert that my mom makes called “Irish Potatoes”. Every year, we’d get the house all cleaned up and then my parents would throw their annual St. Patrick’s Day party, inviting the whole neighborhood, co-workers, fellow Celtic dependents and those that pretended to be Irish all day alike. It’s now, years later, that I realize how awesome something like Mr. Delivery would have been at times like these. How, if my parents hadn’t had to go get and prepare this feast and deal with the green-beer-drinking crowds that Irish restaurants no doubt face every year, they might have had more time to enjoy the holiday and the preparation would have been slightly less hectic. Slightly; we all know that there’s no such thing as hosting an “easy” family get together.


You see, eating isn’t the only tradition we had for St. Patrick’s Day in my family. We also used to have a “Pot of Gold” hunt. This Pot of Gold was really just a bunch of quarters, dimes and nickels hidden around the house with the occasional half dollar or gold dollar. As children, my sister and I would be tasked with something mundane like walking the dog while my parents hid stacks of little coins around the house and, upon our return, we’d get to go crazy searching the house for what amounted to Red Bull and Magazine cash.


This year that tradition is being carried on in a new way with the Mr. Delivery Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway. This year, we are giving one lucky person a $150 Pot O’ Gold credit to spend at whatever restaurants they choose! Just place at least one order at some point between 12:01AM – 11:59PM on 3/17/17 and put “MRDGOLD” as the coupon and you’re entered to win!


Whether you’re having friends over or just enjoying some Green Beer in the comfort of your own home, being able to order your favorite traditional Irish foods and have them delivered to the door, no prep required, makes it a much more enjoyable experience. So whether you’re hitting up the local Irish Pub for that sacred sacrament before enjoying the Irish communion of green beer and Irish Car Bombs, or even if you’re throwing fun family traditions for your little leprechauns, let Mr. Delivery make the celebration that much easier by ordering your festive favorites and having them delivered hot and ready, right to your door. Plus, you could win that extra $150!


Now go out there, wear some green, and enter our giveaway at least once!

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