How will Mr. D save your Valentine’s day?

So you’ve got a date and dropped the ball on making plans…No Sweat!

Clock’s ticking and you’ve got less than 24 hours to get that special someone something special, and maybe make some special arrangements as well.


Did you know you can preorder your Valentine’s Day Dinner right now? Just decide whether you would like to enjoy Burgers for Two or Fine Dining at Casa de You, we’ve got you covered.


Here’s the plan. Pick where you’ll be having your date tomorrow. Pick the restaurant you’d like to enjoy. Pick the time you want to have your date. Select the items for your meal. Now, you’re all set. Spend the rest of that 24 hours finding something special for that special someone, and we will take care of dinner!


You’re an independent person that don’t need no date? Why not plan ahead!

Mr. Delivery is the perfect person to bring you that favorite meal, right to your door, so you don’t have to stop pampering yourself. If you pre-order and pre-pay, you won’t even have to do anything but answer the door to enjoy an incredible night dedicated to the one and only, numero uno.


Reasons Why Mr. Delivery Will Save Your V-Day:

-Avoid long lines

-Avoid interruptions like “How’s everything taste?”

-Avoid awkward dates sitting next to you

-Avoid waiting for food because of backed up kitchens

-Avoid driving amidst the crazy holiday traffic

-Enjoy the evening in whatever attire you see fit (please cover up for our drivers)

-Avoid slaving over the details of the perfect meal

-Enjoy spending more time dedicated to loving you and/or yours

-Enjoy total control over the mood


Still not convinced? Mr. D is guaranteed to make your Valentine’s a success, whether you’re flying solo or treating your co-pilot to a special evening. Pre-Order your Valentine’s meals and deals now.


P.S. If you REALLY can’t think of a gift for yourself or your special someone, we offer gift certificates to some of the best restaurants around!

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