How can Mr. Delivery help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions?

You already know this, but it’s that time of year when many of us promise ourselves that we are going to be better this year than we were last year. Some of us succeed, some of us succumb to our old habits. But Mr. Delivery can actually help out in this regard.

This year’s most popular resolutions were:

  • Get Healthy
  • Get Organized
  • Live Life to the Fullest
  • Learn New Hobbies
  • Spend Less/Save More
  • Travel
  • Read More

Now, how does Mr. Delivery help? Obviously we can help bring healthy food to you, help you stay organized with the ability to plan your orders ahead of time, and of course we are always trying to save you money, but what about the other resolutions?

I’ll give you a personal example. I used to read all the time. I mean like 16-17 books in a Summer was a no brainer. Then, I became a writer and my reading rate dropped to just above zero (not counting online articles and the mindless social banter we read daily). So I made it a goal last year to read one book per month. Not a big challenge, but I still fell short.

This year, I made the same resolution, but I’ve found a better way to stick to it: fill time voids and waiting periods by reading. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 45 minutes, doesn’t matter. Just pick up the damn book and read until that time period is over.

If I had read for thirty minutes every time I waited on a delivery order in 2016, I guarantee I would’ve hit my monthly goal. And you can to. Use the time between placing your order and our driver showing up at your door to do something about your resolutions.

You wanted to learn a new hobby? Spend 30 minutes reading about it, watching tutorials, trying it out, etc.

You wanted to get organized? Spend 30 minutes organizing one specific area of your house or apartment.

Or, if you’re like me and you wanted to read more, keep a book handy and commit to reading while you wait for your food.


Don’t wait. Start now. Place your order and start that 30-minute timer.

Tip # 10: I Have a Restaurant I Want Added



Once you’ve ordered your favorite foods from your favorite restaurants and exhausted the exorbitant list of exceptional offerings that Mr. Delivery can deliver right to your door, you may start to think of ways that YOU could improve how we do business.




We LOVE this kind of feedback. Especially when it comes to suggestions for new restaurants to add.


For example, say there is a restaurant that you are dying to have deliver to you but Mr. Delivery does not offer that restaurant on our website.


While we wish we could partner with every restaurant in the world, each restaurant added is a relationship fostered that takes time and effort. It’s a rewarding process, and it is one that we work even harder at when our loyal fans are the ones demanding a new addition. If our customers demand it, we will work our hardest to get the restaurant on board.


So how do you reach out to us? Easy! Go ahead and send a request to us at with what city you are from and what restaurant you would like added.

We will forward that information along to our market managers and start the relationship building process. You can also reach out to us via Social media (Facebook and Twitter).
We always enjoy hearing from you, and we appreciate the valuable feedback that people like you contribute to making Mr. Delivery that much better are serving you.

Tip # 9: How Do Rewards Work?



At this point, you might be starting to like Mr. Delivery as much as we do, which is great, because there’s rewards for that!


If you are saying to yourself, “I use Mr. Delivery so much, they should pay me for a sponsorship,” give us a call and we might think about it. You never know if you don’t ask.


Without our loyal Mr. D fanbase, we would not be around to change lives with fast delivery and hot and ready food. Which is why we give back through a rewards system that offers us a chance to say thank you. What kind of rewards you ask? Points!

You’ll receive one point per dollar you spend. These points will add up and give you the ability to redeem them for reward credits towards future orders. For every 250 points $5 credit will get automatically applied on your account.

When you go to checkout, you can view how many points you will receive with each order. To view your total reward points, visit your account and click the rewards tab to see how many you have so you can reach 250.

Once you reach 250 points, your next order will be automatically have the $5 dollar reward credit and cannot be saved, but once the credit is applied, you can keep spending until you earn your next 250 points. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the rewards tab, selecting “click here to redeem rewards, and choosing the appropriate tab to relay your question to us.

Tip # 8: How to Manage My Account



This is where it starts to get fun…..setting up your Mr. Delivery account. Your Mr. Delivery experience can only get better with personality! Help us get to know you, and you’ll never have to repeat your delivery info again.

Through your account page, you can add your email address and choose to opt into our email list (if you like deals, updates, interesting stories, fun news, and links to our awesome blog, this is a MUST!).

You can also add your phone number and birthday for a fun birthday surprise, and input any payment information you’d like saved. The more information about yourself that you add, the more time it saves you, making ordering quick and easy.

By managing your account, you can also track your rewards. This is where you’ll receive points for each order you make and allows you to store your information on file for group ordering.



Start right now! Just go to the “Sign in” button on the top right of the Mr. Delivery website or go to the “account” tab on your mobile app to set your account up.


We promise it will be worth it in the long run, especially when you become a Mr. Delivery fan and your rewards points start stacking up!  

Tip # 7: Mr. Delivery FAQs



Take a deep breath. We know all of this information can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re having a hard time grasping everything or have a few more questions, you’re not alone. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that we get on a daily basis for you to easily refer to here.


How long does it take to get a delivery?

We shoot for 45-60 mins. Depending on the area, weather, restaurant prep times from time to time we may run behind but do our best to inform you of the situation


What does it cost?

Depending on the area delivery fees can range from $3-$10, and may include a service fee of $1.49.


Can I order from more than one restaurant?

Of course! (A delivery fee will be charged for each order)


Can I order beverages?

If the beverages are on the menu you are more than welcome to order drinks. If the drinks are not on the menu that particular market or restaurant has decided to exclude drinks for delivery.


Can I order cigarettes or alcohol?

Not at this time.


Why do I see more than one charge for my order?

Did you have trouble processing the order and had to submit a second time? You are more than likely seeing a pending charge that will drop off in 24-72 hours depending on whom you bank with.


My card was charged twice but my order was not placed. What happened?

Did you have trouble processing the order due to incorrect billing or credit card information. The site has strict billing rule parameters to protect customers and if any information that is provided is incorrect the order will not go through. Depending on whom you bank with you may see pending transactions. These are not real charges and will drop off in 24-72 business hours.


Can I order a special not on the menu?

While we are happy to ask on your behalf if a restaurant is willing to extend an in house special for delivery, they do reserve the right to say no. Restaurants have to keep a little something special exclusively to get their fans through the doors 🙂 It’s nothing personal


Why are the prices different on your menus than in house?

Restaurants control the pricing of their delivery menu. From time to time they may decide to vary the prices for the delivery process.


Can I request a driver?

Absolutely! We will do our best to accommodate if the driver is on shift.


Do I have to tip?

Tipping is not required but it is appreciated. The drivers make the majority of their money from tips much like servers.


How can I redeem my rewards?

MrD rewards one point for every dollar spent. Once you have spent $250 an automatic $5 credit will be applied to your account and will deduct from your next order.


My order has been marked arrived but it’s still not here?

The “arrived” status means that your MrD driver has arrived at the restaurant to pick up your meal.


Why hasn’t my order moved from the new status?

We do our best to time the driver’s arrival to the restaurant to the restaurant’s time of prep. Sometimes your order will remain in the “New” status until just mns before the driver is on his way to the restaurant. This is to ensure you get your meal fresh and delicious!


Do you have gift cards?

We are working on this feature- coming very soon!


How long does a refund take?

Refunds are done in real time on our end. Depending on whom you bank with however it may be up to 5 business days.


How do I get a coupon?

We give out coupons and various promotions on social media and through weekly emails. Make sure you are signed up on the site to be included 🙂

These are only a few of the questions we get asked every single day. If you don’t see your question on here, feel free to reach out to our awesome team and let us work with you to figure out the answer together.

Tip # 6: Order Tracking



Congrats! You successfully placed an order.



You made the choices, you customized your order and now you are waiting patiently for your delivery driver to arrive.


Rather than stare at the door with emerging anticipation and excitement as your order approaches, take advantage of Mr. Delivery’s Order Tracking feature. You can go about your day as normal and check in periodically.


“But how?” A few ways. First, when you successfully place an order, you’ll have the option of opting in to get email notifications as your order is prepared and sent on its way. Already get 1000’s of emails a day and do not have time for that mess? No worries. You can also check your order status directly through the Mr. Delivery website by clicking on the “my orders” tab.

Not around a computer? You can also use our mobile app by pressing the “track” button. This will tell you exactly where your order is in the delivery process from start to finish.


Still not satisfied? Feel free to call our friendly customer service representatives at any time at (512) 649-1057 or send a us a direct message through our website or social media pages with your order number and email and we will reach out to you to keep you updated.

At Mr. Delivery, we are here for your convenience. We do everything in our power to make your experience as painless and memorable as possible so you can put your mind at ease while you wait.

Tip # 4: How to Use Group Ordering



Having a party at your place but no one wants to leave to get food? What about those tricky office lunches where the whole crew wants to chip in, but no one has cash? Now, there’s an easier way to fix this problem.


With group ordering from Mr. Delivery, we make it easy for you to take care of your group. All you have to do is:


Head over to the group order section of the Mr. Delivery site and add your friends to a group with their name and email.

Choose a time and restaurant, and how you’ll be paying for the order.

Then, everyone that you added to the group will receive an email with the option to customize their orders. How cool is that!


Let us take the planning out of the party. You’ll never worry again about the possibility of picking up the tab or that complicated coworkers custom request ever again. We understand the challenges that come with leaving the group to pick up food. Make it easy on yourself and let us do the work while you enjoy the party. From now on, when you want to have big meals delivered, in or out of the office, Mr. Delivery has you covered.


Tip # 3: How to Contact Customer Service



What we pride most here at Mr. Delivery is that we have a friendly and hard-working customer service team that works around the clock to help you use our service.

They’re here to answer any questions you may have about your order and listen to your feedback so that we can work to improve our services for you.


You can reach the Mr. Delivery Customer Service team in a variety of ways, but the easiest way is to reach out directly on our website. 

Just simply provide your order number and email associated with the account and we will help you with your order. 

If you’d rather not use the website messenger, you can reach us by filling out the form on our contact us page:


Or, if you’re more active on Social Media, message us on Facebook or Twitter! (Links to each of those) 

As always, you can call us at (512) 649-1057 as well. Our call center is always available to offer support, answering your calls and adding a more personable touch whenever possible. We care about your questions and concerns regarding your orders.

Tip # 5: What Kind of Service You Expect



There’s only one kind of service that you can expect from the team at Mr. Delivery, and that’s exceptional service. From start to finish, we work tirelessness to connect with you as real people talking to real people. No bots, no answering machines, pre-made messages, no bulls***.


All of our employees are people just like you that deal with life’s everyday up’s and down’s as they come. We understand the frustration of getting the wrong order or receiving your food late and cold. We’d be just as mad as you. So to avoid those issues, we work day and night to make sure that you are satisfied.

Image result for customer satisfaction at all time high

Our drivers work tirelessly to take the quickest routes and make sure that your order arrives hot and ready when Mr. Delivery pulls up. Through accidents, heavy traffic, harsh weather and even vehicle break downs, our team strives to get your order to you no matter what, because we understand that hunger doesn’t care if the forecast said “Sunny” and it’s pouring down rain.


Even our marketing department is constantly in contact with customers like you so that we can provide the best tips and keep you up to date on news and developments. If you’ve got an issue and you reach out online, our social media team will be the ones responding promptly, relaying your inquiries to the respective franchise managers as quickly as we can. This allows us to truly hear and act on your feedback to resolve any issues you may have with us.


Would you rather talk to someone in person? Give us a call. Yell at us, give us suggestions or tell us that we’re awesome, we’re happy to take your call and have a conversation with you to ensure your experience is exceptional.


Call shy? No worries! Just chat us up on our direct messaging system on our website. Our call center handles the these messages as well and can help get your information into the system and your orders delivered in no time.


As a team, we stay in constant communication with each other to make the Mr. Delivery service as seamless as possible. As hungry workers who understand how important deliveries are when we need to push through a long night, we work long hours so you don’t have to suffer through late deliveries and incorrect orders.
Don’t hesitate to reach out using one of the above methods. We are passionate about what we do and we want to make sure you’re satisfied. 

Tip # 2: How to Use the Mr. Delivery Mobile App



Sh*t. I’m hungry. I left my computer at home.


Tacos….tacos sound great. Ugh, why do I always do this to…



You can order Tacos right now. On your phone. And they could be ready by the time you get back. Keep reading.


Mr. Delivery makes it easy to order from anywhere with out Mr. Delivery Mobile App. We live active lives, and we’re becoming increasingly mobile by the day. In fact, According to a new report from comScore, mobile devices accounted for 20% of the $84.3 billion in US digital commerce spending in Q3 2016. That’s the first time mobile devices have reached that mark. And now, that includes the ability to order your favorites from the palm of your hand.


Similar to our website, our mobile app is here to cater to your delivery needs. When you open the app, you will be lead to a home screen where you can give your current address or manually type an address.


At the bottom of the app, you will see a convenient task bar that can help you search for a restaurant, manage your account, track your orders, and go to your checkout to view your items.


The mobile app is packed with other fun features in the account section as well, including: update your profile, add addresses, fill in or change credit card information, make office orders, and check your rewards history.


At the top right corner, you can click to look over our “about us” page, just in case you forgot, reach out to customer service for any questions you may have about your order, purchase a gift certificate for yourself or a friend, go back to your account, and read over our privacy policy.

Now go forth boldly, Taco Warrior! Finish those errands and make it home before your driver thanks to the power of delivery in the palm of your hand.